Anthills, the Independent Think Tank and Pilot Factory

Welcome to ANTHILLS…

…the think tank which wants to realize your project!

  • Do you have an idea which is based on one of our three platforms and would you like to transform it into a project?
  • Do you already have a project you want to realize?

ANTHILLS is able to help you with exactly this!

Each of these platforms are split into three clusters, which are subsets of the thematic spectrum of the Club of Rome – with consciously chosen limitations and omissions. The Club of Rome is “a group of world [experts…] citizens, sharing a common concern for the future of humanity”.

What has been created in the ANTHILLS’ Think Tank is being woven in the Pilot Factory:

On the drawing board one can find
“Unmachined parts”

These are subject to certain pre-assessments before being passed on to the work bench.


Come to visit ANTHILLS and discuss with us issues of global relevance!

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