African Development

African Development

Grafting the future on ancient rootstocks.

Africa has an enormous quantity of existentially important natural resources for the world economy. However, especially West, East and Central Africa have a chronically weak position on the worldwide stage, leaving them a plaything for particular interests. The overall situation of these African regions is determined by low industrial productivity, food insecurity due ecologic degradation, meteorological extremes and population growth, tribal thinking, and other archaic social patterns, fragile governments and corruption, the economic consequences of the booming international demand for raw materials and arable lands, and, last but by far not least, worldwide protectionism.

On the platform African Development, ANTHILLS approaches the three designated project regions both in a socio-experimentally way and by developing meso-economic and technological proposals. Thereby, a new developmental path is searched for, which could take a direction complementary and in parallel to humanitarian development aid and to large private or semi-Governmental investments. The main thread running through all reflections will be the recognition of historical facts and liabilities without getting entangled in ideological disputes about guilt and atonement.

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