Our services

ANTHILLS for you.

ANTHILLS offers purchasable services in the fields of resource management, foreign business relations, international development cooperation and security. These services are not constrained by the scope of the Think Tank’s core activities.

  • Rapid appraisals and comprehensive situation reports
  • Monitoring of projects
  • Quantitative analyses and qualitative evaluations studies and concepts of programs
  • Feasibility studies and concepts
  • Special tasks, ‘trouble shooting’ and rectification and post-processing of projects

ANTHILLS treats your concerns with maximal discretion, acts flexible, and fast. ANTHILLS distinguishes itself by being professional, pragmatic, transparent with regard to its core competences, trustworthy, and of undividable determination.

Expert teams to execute your order will be selected ad hoc and according to the specific demands. ANTHILLS maintains a roster of experts ready to deal with your matters.

Contact us for an informal briefing if you need support or if you are an expert considering the possibility to be put onto the roster yourself.

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