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The name ANTHILLS stands for communities of masterminds and practitioners linked up through the worldwide web or in analogue reality, and with one common concern: to find concrete solutions in order to ensure that our wonderful planet remains worth living on for all. ANTHILLS is proud to attribute itself the typical features of a free, non-partisan thinkers’ tank, and, therefore, is not afraid to delve into delicate issues. ANTHILLS will never pretend to have found the ultimate solution, but keeps on the path towards better ones.

We do not erect a complex institution to achieve this goal (though we are seeking cooperation with organizations, administrations and enterprises), instead we maintain a lean organization without hierarchy or set  ambitions – except the one to develop continuously better ideas, concepts, and methods to keep abreast with the challenges we all encounter.

ANTHILLS commits itself to humane, ecologically and economically sound solutions, and, if animals are directly affected, approaches friendly towards the latter. ANTHILLS is working with the indispensable tools of natural and social sciences, hard facts an logical thinking, empiricism and deductive methods.

ANTHILLS strives to collect the «wisdom in the cloud», that is to say to find, critically examine, test, publish, promote and, if necessary, protect ideas and concepts of independent, engaged, and competent experts who are not institutionally associated. Information and communication technologies of our time make it possible for a multitude of genuinely engaged individuals to work on the same project. Making use of this potential together, ANTHILLS will be able to work with you to step up both (re)search and operative activities; and reach the critical mass and self-dynamic that is needed to trigger creative boosts.


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