Western Sahara

Western Sahara

The annexation, to say: the ongoing occupation of the former Spanish Sahara by Morocco is rated unanimously by the international community as being unlawful in every respect. Nonetheless, this unsolved question barely upsets the general public. A fatal conclusion could be that the unilateral waiver of violence by the Sahrawi will not be paid off. In particular, young Sahrawi activists might sooner or later come to the conclusion that there is no alternative, since the stand-off in the Western Sahara reinforces the economic dependency of the area on Morocco, prevents investments of other countries, and offers no possibilities for the original population.

Morocco exploits the phosphate deposits on Sahrawi territory on a grand scale. The worldwide mining of phosphate has already reached its peak: due to diminishing resources the worldwide supply rate is continuously decreasing from year to year. In light of the increasing food insecurity on our planet, phosphate, an important fertilizer, plays a strategic role.

The fishing grounds that lie off the Western Sahara coast are abundant, but have already been massively depleted by foreign fishing fleets that have acquired licenses through the Moroccan Government.

The Western Sahara also shows enormous so called desertec potentials in the areas of solar energy and on- and offshore wind power. Due to the Atlantic and the proximity to Gibraltar the Western Sahara is destined for cooperation with Europe in the energy production sector.

Furthermore, the Western Sahara has tourism business potentials (surfing, trekking) that are undervalued.

On the drawing board

  • ANTHILLS is developing the master plan COASTLINE WIZARD with the aim to provide a constructive contribution to the building of an independent, viable and recognized Sahrawi nation living in its homeland. The full spectrum of creative, witted, intelligent argumentation, and actions, shall be unfurled to regain publicity, and ultimately the needed international penetration power. The plan shall be confidently presented to the generally accepted opinion leaders of the Western Saharan people.
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