Working together

We are you. Become a Wikizen!

For ANTHILLS it is not crucial to know who you are, but what you can and to what extent you are capable and willing to make your competences and your network available to ANTHILLS within its thematic framework. Corporate Identity starts for ANTHILLS with the analysis of general conditions harmful to life and the environment and ends with the joint development of practicable, reproducible, life and environment-friendly solutions. This is the lowest common denominator in order to become a Wikizen – and that’s already enough!

What is a Wikizen? She or he actively contributes to the knowledge management of ANTHILLS – like somebody editing an article for Wikipedia jointly with others, but at the same time aiming at concrete solutions by following the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy of Japanese companies. This is the attitude of encouraging everybody within the company, regardless of the collaborator’s position within the hierarchy, to make suggestions in order manufacturing or service processes are constantly optimized and improved.

Are you interested in the thematic world of ANTHILLS? Do you have suggestions or ideas regarding our rubrics and projects, constructive or critical comments or spontaneous remarks you want to make? Communicate with us – since it is only this way how ‘clouds of projects’ can come into being and project teams can ‘condensate’ to develop concrete solutions. Address yourself directly to ANTHILLS or establish a contact for us with other interested people or organizations!


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